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Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad Bakhbereh or popularly known as Datuk Shake is a popular Malaysian singer in the local Malay music scene. A Hadrami by descent (Hadramout, Yemen), Sheikh is from Johor, Malaysia but is now based in Beverly Hills, California with his wife and the younger two of their four children. He came from a big family of five brothers and seven sisters, in which he was the third youngest.
Sheikh spent his teenage years singing at his hometown's nightclub where he performed cover versions of songs by Tom Jones, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley and The Beatles. He went to Europe in the mid-1970s and England was his first stop, where he studied with classical vocal coach, John Dolby.

In 1976, he was introduced to a French record company, which released his first hit single, You Know I Love You. During this period, his albums actually reached gold and platinum sales status in France.

Sheikh was conferred a Datukship in 1979 by the late Sultan Ismail Sultan Ibrahim of Johor.
Sheikh is the maternal uncle of Datuk Azalina Othman Said, the Malaysian Minister for Youth and Sports, whose mother, Salmah Ahmad is Sheikh's sister.

When he was a small boy, Shake dreamed of making music and distant shores. His disciplinarian family first tried to dissuade him, soon surrendered to the talent and desire so evident. European artists who had discovered the lushness of Malaysia and heard the underage singer encouraged him to try this luck in Europe.

He bid goodbye to his family and headed to London where he studied vocal class for a year. Then he was offered to go to Paris, France, within months, he had secured a label and his first single was released, entitled, "Tu sais je t'aime" (You know I love you). Plus, he did indeed shake up the music scene and became the first Asian singer he seng in French. 

The single sprinted up the charts, followed by half a dozen other gold and platinum singles and albums. Concert appearances and television specials followed siftly as Shake quickly became the toast of Europe. He became popular in all the countries where French is spoken - he was for instance, fifteen weeks at the top of the charts in Canada: he became enormously popular in North African countries and the cosmopolitan areas of Africa - such as the Ivory Coast and Senegal. 

His King called him home and bestowed the title of "[Dato]" or Lord/Sir on the singer, in grateful appreciation for "bringing Malaysia to the attention of the world". Shake had finally returned home. He wanted to bring others to his homeland and the forefront of the music business. Straight away he started campaigns to fight against "music piracy". Disappointed by the overwhelmingly uncontrolled music piracy in South East Asia, Shake turned his attention to the United States, to be part of the American Dream. He has chosen Hollywood as his base and home. He has been working with different well-known composers and music producers to establish his own unique sound and style, which comes from his music experienced in Europe and Asia. The combinations of American pop rock sound with his unique vocal ability are amazing.

France gave Shake the medal Chevalier des Art and Lettre "In the Honor of Art and Letter". Shake has promoted the French language and Culture in Asia, where English is the main language.

Shake has performed on more than 300 television shows, variety appearances in Europe, Canada and Asia.

Recorded Music Sales have surpassed 10 Million units worldwide, primary sales floor in all French speaking countries, including Canada, Pacific Islands, North Africa and Asia. Recorded Music Albums in Malay, French, Italian and English. Performing at many prestigious festivals: including the Paris World Music Festival; Tokyo songs festival; Festival de Venice, Festival de Cortina and Verona in Italy;Festival of Artist in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Indonesia and Malaysia Songs Festival.

For five consecutive years, Shake toured France and Belgium for 70 days each summer. Shake also perform concerts in Switzerland, Greece, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

Shake was invited for the Royal Performances for the King of Malaysia and The Sultan of Brunei.

Shake also performed with his band at the Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles USA for Valentine's Day, where 6,000 people showed up.

In Hollywood Shake worked on his album with producer/artist Michael Sembello, the guitarist/producer from the group Cars Elliot Easton and Dayrell Ross producer/song writer. Shake has recorded his album with the best sound engineers and studios in Los Angeles and Paris for his recent English album.

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